Reinsurance: Analytics

Model Savvy

Jayant Khadilkar knows catastrophe models. He has designed, written and implemented them for modeler AIR Worldwide. As a reinsurance intermediary, he has assisted clients in using those tools.

And he knows when a client is relying on a model too heavily, which creates risk. He knows what a model not only can tell an insurer about its risk but also what the tool is not taking into account.

“Jayant is a unique reinsurance broker,” a client said. “He exudes both practicality and innovation, provides excellent service and develops products tailored specifically to meet my company’s objectives. When my company was considering whether to renew a program last year, he developed a tool that assisted us with evaluating the economic impact of the program.”

Another client praised Khadilkar’s ability to solicit advice from various top experts in property catastrophe reinsurance on short notice. “He was able to quickly connect me with the right experts to help me. I now turn to him first in similar instances,” the client said.
“Jayant’s knowledge is best exemplified by his accomplishments while working with industry leaders like Ren Re, AIR and TigerRisk,” said Mitch Sattler, president and chief executive officer at Gulfstream Property & Casualty Insurance Co. in Sarasota, Fla. “From a broker perspective, Jayant developed quantitative tools that allow us to better understand our risk and coverage decisions when evaluating complex reinsurance structures.”