Reinsurance Broking Team of the Year

The winner of this year's Reinsurance Broking Team of the Year Award was chosen by the judges due to their innovative approach.

The winner of this year’s Reinsurance Broking Team of the Year Award was chosen by the judges due to their innovative approach to broking and the impressive breadth of experience within the company. Formed in 2008, TigerRisk Partners is a privately-held reinsurance broker and risk/capital management advisor with a selective list of clients. The company prides itself on superior performance, uniqueness and innovation, and to achieve this, has attracted a team of experienced industry experts. The judges thought the firm’s many years of combined experience on all sides of the insurance market, including cat model vendors, primary insurers, reinsurers, and brokers gave TigerRisk an industry-leading insight into reinsurer pricing methodology, reinsurance design, and placement strategies and execution.

The individuals working at TigerRisk have a long history of innovating, creating, and working with some of the most highly regarded risk management tools in the industry. It is clear TigerRisk has extensive experience in managing cat risk. The company’s professionals have built catastrophe models at reinsurance companies, reinsurance brokers, primary insurance companies, and catastrophe model vendors. Again, the judges felt this wide range of experience gives TigerRisk a clear vision of the strengths and weaknesses of the catastrophe models. The company works on the principal that even more important than understanding the nuts and bolts of catastrophe models is understanding how to use the numbers they produce. It is here TigerRisk’s expertise in making real business decisions with model output allows its clients to get the most useful information, not just the most information.