Latest Transactions

Recent transactions for Howden Tiger Capital Markets & Advisory
Palomar Sponsored Torrey Pines Re Ltd. (Series 2022-1) Notes
Tradesman Program Managers Secures $75mm Credit Facility from Citizens
Kin Sponsored Hestia Re Ltd. (Series 2022-1) Notes
SageSure Secured $375mm Senior Credit Facility from Ares
AXIS Capital Sponsors Alturas Re Series 2022-2 (R) Shares
Fidelis Sponsored Socium Re Ltd. Issues Preference Shares
Chaucer Renews Thopas Re Ltd. Special Purpose Vehicle
Oaktree Announced Acquisition of Velocity
Lighthouse Management Secured $65 Million Senior Notes
Farmers Sponsored Topanga Re Ltd. (Series 2021 1) Notes
Ariel Re Issued Titania Re Ltd. (Series 2021-2) Class A Notes
VALE Secured Strategic Growth Investment from Flexpoint Ford
IQUW UK Ltd. Has Agreed to Acquire Agora Syndicate Holdings Ltd
Apollo Group Holdings Limited Announces a Strategic Investment by Alchemy